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Procedures and Protocols



Below are the procedures currently required by the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas for the entering the country. We will continue to add details as they are announced.




Effective Sunday 1 November, all incoming visitors must present a COVID-19 RT-PCR Negative (Swab) Test upon arrival been taken no later than five (5) days from the date of arrival in The Bahamas. No quarantine period is required.

Once in possession of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test, all travelers will then be required to apply for a Bahamas Health Travel Visa at (click on the International Tab) where the required test must be uploaded. If technical difficulties are experienced with the Health Travel Visa website, please call (242) 502-0829 or email

Fees for the Bahamas Health Travel Visa, inclusive of Day 5 Rapid Antigen Test and mandatory health insurance, are as follows:

  • $40 – Visitors staying up to four nights and five days.
  • $40 – Citizens and returning residents.
  • $60 – Visitors staying more than four nights.
  • Free – Children 10 years and under


An automated response will be provided upon completion, and only those who receive a green color-coded response can travel. Please submit this form at least 24-48 hours prior to arrival. It is essential that travellers present proof of confirmation upon arrival in their destination. Please also bring printed copy of negative test result.

The rapid antigen test will be conducted four days / five nights (96 hours) after arrival in The Bahamas. The rapid tests are easy, quick and will yield results in 20 minutes or less with results being provided electronically via a QR Code. Visitors departing on Day Five will not be required to obtain this test. Boaters who have entered The Bahamas and is out to sea on the fifth day is required to obtain an Antigen Test at the first port of call thereafter.


Approved ABM Member Marina Testing Sites


Tests will also be administered at many medical centers and administration office locations on all major islands. Customs and Immigration offices on the islands will NOT be administering tests. Click here for full list:

If your destination is not on the list, check with the management of your destination Bahamas marina for local testing locations. Additional locations will be added, as approved.

American Airlines will provide each passenger traveling to The Bahamas from Miami with a Rapid COVID-19 antigen test before boarding the plane. Tropic Ocean Airways will also be providing this service. These passengers, along with the passengers of any other airlines wishing to provide a similar service, will not be required to complete the Rapid Test upon arrival in The Bahamas.

Travel Information

Recommended Quick Turn Around Test Providers – see list:

Contact your health care professional to receive a COVID-19 RT-PCR Test. Tests are also available at select CVS and Walgreens stores across the U.S. For additional information, please visit your state or local health department’s website.


Select individuals are exempt from RT-PCR testing,

  • Children age ten (10) or under. Parent or guardian must provide proof of testing restriction upon arrival.
  • Commercial and private pilots who stay one night.


Failure to comply with the test requirements and heath form submission will result in denied entry.

For the duration of the visit, travellers must complete a daily online health questionnaire for symptom tracking purposes.

Customs & Immigration Forms – fill out and print prior to arrival
All forms located:

There are no restrictions for inter-island travel within The Bahamas. Domestic travel needs to be logged in at

Please visit Know Before You Go section of the website for an island by island up-to-date details on curfews and regulations –

Boaters Requirements once in The Bahamas

  • On arrival (having cleared at local ports of entry), anyone disembarking at a marina will be subject to potential additional screening mandated by Ministry of Health, such as taking of temperature.
  • While clearing Customs & Immigration, crew and passengers are required to wear a mask, covering the nose and mouth.
  • Facial masks covering nose and mouth must be worn at all times off of the marina / resort grounds.


As of July 1st, all pleasure vessels must now clear outbound before leaving. Upon leaving the Master of the Vessel will be granted a Certificate of Clearance. Please clear outwards at the last Port of Entry before you exit The Bahamas. There are NO fees required for the clearance certificate.

Boaters are no longer required to notify the BMA at prior to entering the country or if moving to another island.

Important Information for all Travelers

Travellers are encouraged to visit the Know Before You Go website for a list of island by island restrictions, curfews, etc.

During times of curfew and lockdown, travellers must return to their accommodations (hotels, rentals, boats, etc.) and remain on property within the curfew hours. However, guests at hotels and marinas are free to move about the property within curfew hours and will not be confined to their rooms/boats, provided they follow individual property guidelines.

Masks are required in all public places. Fines for all persons, including Bahamians, residents and visitors, not wearing face mask is $250 or a period of one-month imprisonment or both.

For more information from the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. visit