Boating Flings/Slips

“Like a road trip to the islands.

The Boating Fling initiative was started after The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism did a survey in Florida, which showed that most of South Florida’s boating vessels were staying in the Intercostal and not going much outside of the shorelines, at most 25 miles out.


The program was launched to show boaters just how easy it is to boat to The Bahamas. The idea: take novice boaters on a “boating fling”, so in the future they would be able to make trips on their own.


Currently they are promoted on The Bahamas Tourist Office’s website and in printed materials, billboards, travel agents, ads, sales calls, trade shows and boating clubs as: Destination Bahamas.


“Boating flings are the Bahamian equivalent of a road trip. A lead boat pilots the way for a caravan of boaters across the Gulf Stream to The Bahamas. They begin on Thursdays. Wednesdays are our mandatory Captain’s meetings. Trips end on Sundays during June and July. 30-boat limit. Dockage space is on a first-come first-served basis. Minimum boat length for all flings is 22 feet’” explains Richard Treco, who coordinates them from his base at The Bahamas Tourist Office in Plantation, Florida.


Of course, all this is subject to inclement weather.